Using Paint to Enhance the Size of a Room

Using Paint to Enhance the Size of a Room
Paint colors can drastically affect the feeling of a room. It can make it enjoyable to be in, or leave you feeling uncomfortable. It can alter the perception of the room’s shape and size and add to, or take away from, the atmosphere you’re trying to portray in your space. The paint you use in your house can make or break its aesthetics.
Dark Colors:
  • Adds coziness to a room.
  • Used to make a large room feel smaller.
  • Advances the color in the room.
Light Colors:
  • Used to make small rooms feel bigger.
  • Recedes the color in a room.
  • Light colors help a space feel more airy.
Lighter colors tend to recede, which makes it appear farther away, therefore making the room feel bigger. Darker colors tend to advance, which makes them seem closer, in turn making the room feel smaller. You can use colors to completely modify the size of a room by perception. You can use this concept to minimize unattractive features in your house or highlight focal points.
If your room is too large and doesn’t make the space feel cozy, you can paint your ceiling a darker color than the walls, to help them feel a little lower. Conversely, if your ceilings are too low and makes you feel claustrophobic, you can paint them a lighter shade to help them feel higher.

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